What is the iBreastExam?

IBreastExam is a first of its kind device that enables healthcare providers to identify breast lesions in just a few minutes, without pain or radiation.

Will I have to undergo any surgery?

Absolutely not! iBreastExam test is non-invasive.

Is there any radiation?

Absolutely no! iBreastExam test is non-radioactive.

Is it painful?

Not at all.

How long does it take?

Less than 10 minutes

When will I have my results?

Immediately after the test.

What can it detect?

iBreastExam spots lesions in your breasts that you may not feel. It’s good to get these lumps checked early because there is always a small risk of the lesions being cancerous. Approximately 10-15% of women have lumps in their breasts, but more than 90% of these are harmless. In fact, early detection is the key to treatment of breast cancers.

How accurate is iBreastExam?

iBreastExam has shown to identify breast lesions with sensitivity of 83% to 87%. In other words, iBreastExam can find lesions up to 87% of the time lesions exist.

What if iBreastexam finds a lesion?

Keep Calm! Most lesions are not cancerous. The medical staff performing your exam will guide you on what to do next.

How much does it cost?

The iBreastExam test is free for you as part of this Public Health Initiative.

Can I have this exam if I am breast feeding?


Is iBreastExam FDA approved?


Are there any age restrictions?


Do I need insurance?


Do I still need to get a mammogram?

Ask your examiner after your iBreastExam test.